Your Customers Are Searching for You Online!

By Meghan

Did you know that 43% of all searches on Google are for LOCAL products and services?

Did you know that 80% of people now search on Google instead of using the traditional Yellow Pages books?

These numbers are quite surprising to many small business owners. The fact of the matter is that every business needs to have an online portal where their customers can find them. In the past, every business needed to have a 1-800 number, or a big ad in the yellow pages to prove their validity and business acumen. In 2010, every business MUST have a webpage. Even if it is a simple portal site, that only costs $500 to design, your customers expect this from you!

Also your #1 priority should be to get ranked on page 1 of Google for your main business keywords. Keywords are just a fancy way of saying “the words a customer types into Google.” For instance, if you are a diet center, like Jenny Craig, you might be using the words “weight loss” in all of you copy. But your customer is searching for the words “lose weight.” Do you see the difference? You must optimize your website so the search engine find you and deliver you to the customer.

This is our expertise. We will get you ranked on Page 1 of Google in 30 days! Call us today for more information about how you can improve your current website or build an online presence. We cater to any budget!

Build a Relationship with Your Customers

By Meghan

An excellent long-term profitability strategy for any business is to create a loyal following by building a relationship. For a relationship to flourish, you must give your customers high quality content and great service. As they say, content is king. All the search engines will love you if you create high quality, user-focused sites with new and informative content. The great thing about creating a long-term site is that you will be able to create a following that looks to you for new information on your subject area. As innovations and new information products come to market, you can present them to your email list (also known as your “customer list”) with your honest review. Your following will appreciate your point of view because you have built a level of trust with them. It is easy to like someone when they give you valuable information for free! So be sure that you are giving your email list useful information that is relevant to their wants and needs on a regular basis. You can also send coupons and special offers to your customers on  your email list, which is a great way to get them to visit your business more often.

Time Flies When You’re an Internet Marketer

By Meghan

I can’t believe how quickly the days have passed since I started working full-time online. Its amazing how much I have learned in the past year alone. Our team can now build websites in minutes instead of hours. We know how to maximize traffic using keywords, pings, and trackbacks. We have launched affiliate marketing campaigns in several niches and built dozens of keyword lists. And I am teaching my friends how to build their own online presence and the basics of organic search engine optimization (SEO). It is pretty amazing how far you can come in just a few months. The key to progress is taking action. I encourage everyone with an interest in Internet marketing to get started today. The sooner you get your site up and running the better — your customers will start to find you, instead of you trying to find them.

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Information Overload on the Web

By Meghan

In the past few months I’ve become aware of how many ways there are to get traffic, or visitors to your website. The answer? There must be thousands! This can be very overwhelming for a small business owner who is trying to build a website or figure out how to get ranked on Page 1 of Google.

There are tons of resources and e-books about what to do to make the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) happy. It can become very tricky to figure out which information to follow and what to start doing first. As I have built my own business online, I realize that I can share these skills with other people. As a small business owner, you are an expert in your field, and it is worth your time to let an expert at Internet Marketing, like me, help you to build your online presence. Search engine optimization (SEO) is both a science and an art. And I enjoy this process and seeing my customers delight when they see that their business is at the top of Google!